Detailed Introduction of 26650 Lithium Battery

There are two basic methods for the naming of lithium batteries. One is from the cathode material of lithium batteries, the other is from the size. These two basic classifications start from the commonness and have general characteristics. In addition, there are classifications taken from some performance or application, starting from personality, with specific characteristics. 26650 lithium-ion batteries are classified in terms of size, so they have a common shape, and their cathode materials, performance and application fields are diversified.


26650, which is strictly defined as the size of the monomer core: 26 mm in diameter and 65 mm in height. The dimension of the cylinder will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer in actual production. The so-called "tall, fat and thin" is called 26650. But the difference will not be very big, the diameter will not exceed 27 mm, and the height will not exceed 66 mm. The single battery with a support system is 26650 lithium batteries. If multiple lithium batteries are combined, they are called lithium batteries. More precisely, 26650 lithium batteries.


Like 18650 lithium batteries, 26650 lithium batteries can also use different cathode materials. According to the current market application, the basic lithium batteries are 26650 ternary lithium batteries and 26650 lithium iron phosphate batteries. The difference between them is also the general difference between ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The former has the advantage of high capacity and voltage platform, while the latter has the advantage of high safety and start-up current. Considering that 26650 lithium batteries are mostly used in the actual situation of equipment start-up, 26650 lithium iron phosphate batteries are the main application, and these batteries have obvious advantages in safety and price.


Many factories will produce 26650 lithium iron phosphate batteries, although they have different personalities, the basic parameters should meet international standards. Below we choose the relevant parameters of GUANGZHOU GEILIENRGY Electronics Co., Ltd., a custom lithium battery manufacturer, to give you an image of 26650 lithium batteries and a general understanding. The company's 26650 lithium battery shape size: maximum 26.4*65.8 mm, nominal capacity 3000mAh, nominal voltage 3.2V, charge and discharge cut-off voltage 3.65V and 2.5V, standard charge and discharge current 1500mAh, maximum 1C charge and 1.5C discharge, working temperature is - 10 ~60 C.


The charging and discharging performance of 26650 lithium iron phosphate battery is stable, high-temperature resistance and cycle life is three times of that of ternary material. Because it can charge and discharge at high current, it is very suitable for flashlights, miner lamps and instruments. Moreover, this advantage makes it possible to develop into a large scale, such as the huge 26650 power lithium iron phosphate battery in GUANGZHOU GEILIENRGY Pool technology has matured.



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