Geilienergy Powerful Exhibition 2018 Asia Pacifi Power Product and Technology Exhibition

Participate in the Power Industry in the New Era with the New Image of Industry Benchmarking

Geilienergy Booth: 4.1V01/A111-A112

Exhibition Time: August 16-18

Held in Guangzhou Canton Fair and Exhibition Hall, at that time, Geilienergy will also participate in mass media coverage and propaganda from exhibition media, TV stations, radio stations, the Internet, newspapers and magazines.

The exhibition is divided into six exhibition areas:

1. General Power Supply Exhibition Area: Switching power supply, inverting power supply, AC regulated power supply, DC regulated power supply, DC/DC power supply, regulated power supply, communication power supply, modular power supply, frequency conversion power supply, UPS power supply, industrial control power supply, EPS emergency power supply, mobile power supply (portable power supply), computer power supply, LED power supply, purified power supply, PC Power supply, rectifier power supply, customized power supply, heating power supply, welding power/arc power supply, plating power supply, network power supply, power operation power supply, adapter power supply, linear power supply, power controller/driver, power supply, parameter power supply, voltage regulating power supply, transformer power supply, regulator, inverter, DC power supply; Special power supply modules for road, finance, aerospace, lighting, high-voltage and other customized power supply products; special power supply equipment for oil engine power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation, etc.

2. Special Power Supply Exhibition Area: Security power supply, high-voltage power supply, medical power supply, military power supply, aerospace power supply, laser power supply, other special power supply.

3. Electronic Transformer and Inductor Exhibition Area: Power supply equipment transformer, inductor, industrial transformer, household appliances transformer, lighting transformer, neon lamp transformer, special transformer, transformer testing instrument, transformer/inductor winding equipment and insulation wire, etc.

4. Power Supply Supporting Products Exhibition Area: Various power supply components (Triode/rectifier, thyristor, IGBT/MOS, resistance, capacitor, etc.), power semiconductor, capacitor, filter, oscilloscope, protector, PDU socket, reactor, power line, thermostat, relay, radiator and fan, lithium battery, storage battery, etc. Power module boxes/chassis/chassis/cabinets, connection terminals, etc.

5. Power Supply Manufacturing Equipment and Auxiliary Materials Exhibition Area: Power supply/battery manufacturing equipment, power supply/battery testing system, power supply testing fixtures, security testing Instruments, electromagnetic compatibility equipment, power supply aging testing equipment, electronic load, sealing silica gel, filling gel, insulation bushing, heat dissipating silica gel, magnetic materials, etc.

6. Power Related Software: Monitoring system, auxiliary design software, power integrated solution, power testing service, safety certification and other power management related software, power installation engineering and appliances, etc.

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